Announcing PAPI 5.4.0

Just in time for SuperComputing 2014, PAPI 5.4.0 is now available.

This release provides a new component for the high speed power measurement API for IBM Blue Gene/Q (BG/Q), called EMON, to provide access to power and energy data on BG/Q in a transparent fashion. This additional support complements the earlier BGPM components for BG/Q, and enables PAPI users and tool developers to use their PAPI instrumented code as is without having to learn a new set of library and instrumentation primitives.

We have added initial support for Applied Micro X-Gene architecture, RAPL (energy measurement) support for Intel Haswell models, and support for the IBM POWER8 system when run as a non-virtualized platform 'PowerNV'.  Furthermore, we have extended the RAPL energy measurements via msr-safe, which is a linux kernel module that allows user access to a whitelisted set of MSRs.

This release also includes several enhancements for the perf_event (core/uncore) components, including support for extended event masks which adds a number of new masks that for example enable counting in user domain, kernel domain, or on a specific cpu.

Additionally, there are also changes to the papi_component_avail utility which now provides a list of PMU names supported by active components.The papi_native_avail utility now supports a more robust "--validate" check on systems with events that require multiple masks to be provided in order to be a valid event (e.g., on Intel SandyBridge EP).

There have been several other bug fixes and enhancements:

  • Updated IBM POWER7, POWER8 presets
  • Hardware counter and event count added/fixed for BGPM components
  • Reduced overhead of API call PAPI_name_to_code()
  • Growing list of native events in core/uncore components fixed
  • Cleaned up Intel IvyBridge presets

As always, there are more details on these changes in the file ChangeLogP540.txt inside the PAPI tarball.

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