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Over the years, we have attracted many post-doctoral researchers and professors from multi-disciplines such as mathematics, chemistry, etc. Many of these experts came to UT specifically to work with Dr. Dongarra, which began a long list of top research talent to pass through ICL and move on to make exciting contributions at other institutions and organizations. Below is a short list of the many experts who have passed through ICL on their way to distinguished careers at other organizations and academic institutions.

  • Emmanuel Agullo - INRIA, France
  • Ed Anderson - EPA
  • Dorian Arnold - University of New Mexico
  • Zhaojun Bai - University of California, Davis
  • Richard Barrett - Sandia National Laboratories
  • Adam Beguelin -, Inc.
  • Susan Blackford - CSP, Inc.
  • Alfredo Buttari - CNRS, France
  • Henri Casanova - University of Hawaii, Manoa
  • Jaeyoung Choi - Soongsil University, Korea
  • Zizhong (Jeffrey) Chen - University of California, Riverside
  • Andy Cleary - Amazon
  • David Cronk - Lockheed Martin
  • Frederic Desprez - ENS-Lyon, France
  • Victor Eijkhout - University of Texas, Austin
  • Graham Fagg - Microsoft
  • Karl Fuerlinger - Ludwig Maximilians University Munich
  • Edgar Gabriel - University of Houston
  • Robert van de Geijn - University of Texas, Austin
  • Sven Hammarling - Numerical Algorithms Group, UK
  • Greg Henry - Intel
  • Julien Langou - University of Colorado at Denver
  • Hatem Ltaief - KAUST, Saudia Arabia
  • Bob Manchek - Stratus Technologies
  • Shirley Moore - University of Texas at El-Paso
  • Phil Mucci
  • Antoine Petitet - ESI Group, France
  • Roldan Pozo - NIST
  • Yves Robert - ENS-Lyon, France
  • Ken Roche - University of Washington
  • Erich Strohmaier - Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
  • Keith Seymour
  • Francoise Tisseur - Manchester University, England
  • Bernard Tourancheau - Université Joseph Fourier de Grenoble, France
  • Sathish Vadhiyar - Indian Institute of Science, India
  • Reed Wade - Weta Digital
  • Clint Whaley - LSU
  • Felix Wolf - Jüllich Supercomputing Centre
  • Haihang You - National Institute for Computational Sciences

Dozens of tools and applications of high value to the HPC community have been produced at ICL since its inception. Many of these now form the basic fabric of HPC, scientific computing. Below is just a brief list of some of the technologies that we have produced or been a part of since our beginning:

Active Netlib ATLAS BLAS
LAPACK for Clusters LINPACK Benchmark MPI
NetBuild Netlib NetSolve
ScaLAPACK Top500  

Today, some of these successes continue along with current efforts such as Blackjack, DAGuE, Fault Tolerant Linear Algebra (FT-LA), HPC Challenge benchmark suite (HPCC), High Performance Linpack (HPL), MAGMA, MuMI, PLASMA, GridSolve, Open MPI and PAPI. Many of our efforts have been recognized nationally and internationally, which includes many awards such as four R&D 100 awards; PVM in 1994, ATLAS and NetSolve in 1999, and PAPI in 2001.