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The growth and evolution of Computational Science continues to transform the world of scientific research, but the emergence of multicore and heterogeneous processor architecture have created an entirely new playing field for linear algebra research and high performance computing. As an early pioneer in numerical linear algebra research with such projects as LAPACK, ScaLAPACK, and ATLAS, the researchers of ICL are well positioned to leverage their knowledge and long experience for the enormous opportunities now being realized with the new parallel computing paradigms. Coupled with our extensive background and ongoing efforts in distributed computing, message passing, and performance analysis/benchmarking, we expect to remain a world class leader in high performance computational research for years to come.

ICL is prepared to address some of the most important computational scientific issues of our time. Our plans for the future are founded on our accomplishments as well as our vision. That vision challenges us to be a world leader in enabling technologies and software for scientific computing. We have been and will continue to be providers of high performance tools to tackle science's most challenging problems and to play a major role in the development of standards for scientific computing in general.

ICL is a research partner with many national and international laboratories and we are located less than 30 minutes from the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), home of the world's fastest, open science supercomputer. In that capacity, our research staff has access to some of the most state-of-the-art computational hardware resources in the world, ranging from Cray and IBM petaflop machines to smaller, powerful clusters. Such resources give ICL a truly heterogeneous computing environment for conducting cutting edge research. But staying at the forefront requires constant innovation, so our research staff is encouraged to pursue independent and creative investigations as a member of a supportive, interactive, collegial group. Such innovation is also fostered by ICL's long history as a leader in the scientific software research community worldwide. Part of what has made us so successful has been our ability to provide travel support for our research staff to regularly attend conferences, workshops, and seminars. This kind of support affords members of our group with ample opportunities to learn from, and collaborate with, leading computational science researchers as well as opportunities for presenting and publishing research results.

Additional benefits of working at ICL include:

  • Generous vacation and sick leave (36 total days annually)
  • 13 paid annual holidays
  • Flexible health insurance and retirement plans
  • Tax deferred income plans
  • Home Internet connection reimbursement
  • Membership in professional organization/society
  • Competitive salaries

If you're looking for a dynamic, challenging, and rewarding research experience, and to become well positioned for excellent career opportunities in academia, government or industry, consider joining ICL. For a list of open research positions and to apply, visit our job openings page.