General Questions

High level overview of the project

What is Blackjack?

The Blackjack project is developing metrics for evaluating production qualtiy compilers for scientific computing.

What is AACE?

AACE (Architecture-Aware Compiler Environment) was a DARPA-sponsored projects to develop future generation compiler systems for parallel hardware architectures.

Why was the AACE project started?

The increasing complexity of modern computing systems makes it difficult to achieve even a reasonable fraction of a system’s available performance. As system complexity continues to escalate, this problem creates an increasingly serious bottleneck which inhibits the ability of programmers to achieve the performance necessary for applications critical to our national security.

What methodolgy will future compilers use?

It is critical to develop computationally efficient compilers that incorporate learning and reasoning methods to drive compiler optimizations for a broad spectrum of computing system configurations. System solutions will include dynamic runtime optimizations for minimizing the execution time across a broad spectrum of application codes. This will entail development of a new type of compiler technology for current and future computer systems that will learn the characterization of a broad spectrum of complex computing systems, and learn optimized compilation of diverse applications that achieve the full performance potential of the computing systems while minimizing code development and execution time. This new compiler technology will need to draw on reasoning techniques to take advantage of system characterizations and compiler optimizations already learned.

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