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Hpccoutf Output Parser

This script parses the output file generated by running HPCC.
One option displays all parameters captured.  Another option displays
a hpccoutf to web crosswalk showing the values as they would appear
on the HPCC web site.  Change txt extension to pl to run.   Download View License

Version 1.4.1

Source code changes:


  1. Added optimized variants of RandomAccess that use Linear Congruential Generator for random number generation.
  2. Made corrections to comments that provide definition of the RandomAccess test.
  3. Removed initialization of the main array from the timed section of optimized versions of RandomAccess.
  4. Fixed the length of the vector used to compute error when using MPI implementation from FFTW.
  5. Added global reduction to error calculation in MPI FFT to achieve more accurate error estimate.
  6. Updated documentation in README.


hpcc-1.4.1.tar.gz   Download View License

Version 1.4.0

Source code changes:

  1. Added a new variant of RandomAccess that uses Linear Congruential Generator for random number generation.
  2. Rearranged the order of benchmarks so that HPL component runs last and may be aborted if the performance of other components was not satisfactory. RandomAccess is now first to assist in tuning the code.
  3. Added global initialization and finalization routine that allows to properly initialize and finalize external software and hardware components without changing the rest of the HPCC testing harness.
  4. Lack of hpccinf.txt is no longer reported as error but as a warning.
hpcc-1.4.0.tar.gz   Download View License

Version 1.3.2

Summary of changes:

  1. Fixed memory leaks in G-RandomAccess driver routine.
  2. Made the check for 32-bit vector sizes in G-FFT optional. MKL allows for 64-bit vector sizes in its FFTW wrapper.
  3. Fixed memory bug in single-process FFT.
  4. Update documentation (README).

Archive file in tar-gzip format:

hpcc-1.3.2.tar.gz   Download View License

Version 1.3.1

Archive file in tar-gzip format:

hpcc-1.3.1.tar.gz   Download View License

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