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KOJAK 2.0 released

KOJAK 2.0 is the new stable release of KOJAK. It includes new bug fixes plus preliminary support for IBM BlueGene/L.

KOJAK 2.0 beta 2 released.

KOJAK 2.0 beta 2 contains several bug fixes, preliminary support of Cray X1, and the package already includes the CUBE display for simplified installation. For more information please visit the download page.

KOJAK 2.0 beta released.

KOJAK 2.0 beta includes a faster analysis component and produces output for the CUBE display. It is based on an optimized search strategy taking advantage of specialization relationships between execution patterns and, thus, provides a significant runtime improvement over the old version. Additional speedup comes from the fact that it is now implemented in C++ and no longer in Python. For more information please visit the download page.

Call-graph profiler for MPI applications on AIX Power 4 platforms released.

CONE is a call-graph profiler for MPI applications on AIX Power4 platforms, which maps hardware-counter data collected via the PAPI library onto the full call graph including line numbers. CONE is based on a call-graph tracking technique developed at IBM's Advanced Computing Technology Center (ACTC) which determines the current call path at run time while introducing only constant overhead per call.


Generic display for hierarchical performance data released.

CUBE is a generic presentation component suitable for displaying a wide variety of performance metrics for parallel programs including message-passing and shared-memory applications. CUBE allows interactive exploration of a multidimensional performance space in a scalable fashion. Scalability is achieved in two ways: hierarchical decomposition of individual dimensions and aggregation across different dimensions. All performance metrics are uniformly accommodated in the same display and thus provide the ability to easily compare the effects of different kinds of performance behavior. For more information and download please refer to the CUBE web page.

Displaying 11-15 of 16 Entries
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