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[Lapack] clapack problem __imp_printf__


For the standard LAPACK (in Fortran), the only calls to the WRITE
statement are in the routines dlamch.f, slamch.f and xerbla.f. In 
the only calls to printf are in the routines dlamch.c, slamch.c and

If you are still stuck on the printf, you can remove them and assign
XERBLA an other task. (For example doing nothing at all.)

At a more general level, you should have a problem on your environment.
You compiler adds a prefix __imp__ to the functions name. Take a look 
at: your
problem is briefly explained. A priori if you manage to compile a code
with a printf in it you should be able to link with CLAPACK.


On Wed, 28 Dec 2005, Toshi-Taka IKESHOJI wrote:

Dear Sirs:

I'm trying to use clapack, but the serious problem arises during the link

clapack.lib(xerbla.obj) : error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol
__imp__printf was reffered in function _xerbla_
(*) The original error message is in Japanese. The above is translated by

The enviroment is as follows:
(1) OS: WindowsXP + SP2
(2) IDE: Visual Studio 2003
(3) Compiler: Intel C++ Compiler 8.1
(4) msvcrt.lib was excluded from the linking

The 4 libraries clapack.lib, blas.lib, libf77.lib and libi77.lib seem to be
successfully loaded.
I hope you know how to fix this problem and are kind to tell me it.

Toshi-Taka IKESHOJI, Dr.Eng
Assistant Professor
Tokyo Institute of Technology
O-okayama 2-12-1-I1-32, Meguro-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN, 1528552
Tel/FAX: (03)5734-3236 E-mail: ikeshoji@Domain.Removed

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