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Thanks a lot!
If, by any chance, you'll be here in Paris I'll offer you a (good) coffee...



===== Original Message From Julie Langou <julie@Domain.Removed> =====

I tried your and everything is working fine for me.
My first guess is that you are running the testing without having the
lapack/tmglib library or the path to the library is incorrect.

It should have been generated after doing the "make" command..
You should have it in the LAPACK directory (or whatever name you gave it).
    2 solutions:
1) make clean then make

make lapacklib
Once it is finished you should see the liblapack.a file in your directory.
Same process for the tmglib library
make tmglib
Once it is finished you should see the libtmglib.a file

I will advise you the first one...start over again and add, if it is not
already done the latest modifications:
(you can get them from
Don't move any folder while the installation/testing process is not yet

For a better result, use Lapack with a tuned blas library. See
If you choose to use the ATLAS library, your should have
something like:
BLASLIB      = /usr/local/lib/libf77blas.a /usr/local/lib/libblas.a

Hope it will help you to solve your problem

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