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[Lapack] allgather in scalapack

Hi Christof,

my experience is that a fast way to implement
all-to-all broadcast in a process row of column
is to use an ordinary ring algorithm combined
with the standard BLACS send/revc, like in:

    result = my_part_of_data
    buff = my_part_of_data
    DO I = 1, NPCOL-1
       Send( buff,  East  )
       Revc( buff, West )
       result = concat( result, buff )
    END DO

If you run such an algorithm first in row
direction of the grid and then in the row
direction of the grid it will take O(P_r+P_c)
steps and it should be (almost) the fastest
way of doing the all-gather operation since
it keeps all processes and all links in each ring
busy all the time.

Hope this helps!

Christof Voemel wrote:

I have O(n) DOUBLE PRECISION data distributed across p processors, and now I 
a big 'conversation' so that everyone knows everything.

What is the fastest way in ScaLAPACK (BLACS) to do that? Does anyone have 
experience with this?
Thank you.

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