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[Lapack] makefile annoyance

In TESTING/LIN/Makefile:

../xlintsts : $(ALINTST) $(SLINTST) $(SCLNTST)
         ../../$(TMGLIB) ../../$(LAPACKLIB) $(BLASLIB)  -o $@

(similar in SRC/Makefile)

That hard "../../" path for the libraries makes it impossible for me  
to make different libraries, then test them. I'm installing lapack  
for different options (32/64 bit on a Power5) so my libraries get  
moved once they're made.

I suggest removing the hard paths completely, and only using $ 
{LAPACKLIB}, so that the user can specify different paths in the file.

Victor Eijkhout, 512 471 5809 (w), 512 499 0504 (h)
Texas Advanced Computing Center, The University of Texas at Austin

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