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[Lapack] LAPACK and C++


        I am having problems using LAPACK for my C++ program. I tried using 
CLAPACK at first, and I was able to compile and run a test program in C, using 
the compiler gcc. However, either switching the compiler to g++ or renaming the 
file extension to .cpp resulted in errors. The IT staff at my university think 
that this is because CLAPACK cannot be used in C++. I understand there is a 
version of LAPACK for C++ (LAPACK++) but it doesn't seem to have the routine 
that I need (dsyevr). I understand that there may be a way to build and link 
the Fortran files directly to the C++ - is this possible? I can't seem to find 
any instructions on how to do it. If is it possible, could you please tell me 
how to go about doing it?

Thanks a lot,
Yao-ban Chan

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