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[Lapack] ATLAS Code-- Routine Invoke Ambiguity!

you certainly have contacted some ATLAS authors with this mailing list but 
the best is that you reask your question to the ATLAS support guys:

On Thu, 16 Mar 2006, Minhaj KHAN wrote:

Dear Author of ATLAS routines

We are trying runtime optimization over ATLAS code.
I want to ask one question regarding routines starting with
ATL_dref... which do not take matrix-order as argument.

when ATL_drefsymm is called for Left+Upper matrix it invokes ATL_drefsymmLU
but when cblas_dsymm is called for Left+Upper matrix with Row Major, it
invokes ATL_drefsymmRL

Does it mean that the routines in ATL_dref (symm, gemm etc.) when
directly called always invoke the one for column major order?

Thanks for the Response.
Best Regards
Minhaj Ahmad
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