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[Lapack] no blas_LINUX.a?

Hi guys, 

I'm trying to build LAPACK over here, and I'm getting blas_LINUX.a: No 
such file or directory when I run a make all.  

here's a snippet: 

g77   aladhd.o alaerh.o alaesm.o alahd.o alareq.o alasum.o alasvm.o 
chkxer.o icopy.o ilaenv.o xlaenv.o xerbla.o slaord.o schkaa.o schkeq.o 
schkgb.o schkge.o schkgt.o schklq.o schkpb.o schkpo.o schkpp.o schkpt.o 
schkq3.o schkql.o schkqp.o schkqr.o schkrq.o schksp.o schksy.o schktb.o 
schktp.o schktr.o schktz.o sdrvgb.o sdrvge.o sdrvgt.o sdrvls.o sdrvpb.o 
sdrvpo.o sdrvpp.o sdrvpt.o sdrvsp.o sdrvsy.o serrge.o serrgt.o serrlq.o 
serrls.o serrpo.o serrql.o serrqp.o serrqr.o serrrq.o serrsy.o serrtr.o 
serrtz.o serrvx.o sgbt01.o sgbt02.o sgbt05.o sgelqs.o sgeqls.o sgeqrs.o 
sgerqs.o sget01.o sget02.o sget03.o sget04.o sget06.o sget07.o sgtt01.o 
sgtt02.o sgtt05.o slaptm.o slarhs.o slatb4.o slattb.o slattp.o slattr.o 
slavsp.o slavsy.o slqt01.o slqt02.o slqt03.o spbt01.o spbt02.o spbt05.o 
spot01.o spot02.o spot03.o spot05.o sppt01.o sppt02.o sppt03.o sppt05.o 
sptt01.o sptt02.o sptt05.o sqlt01.o sqlt02.o sqlt03.o sqpt01.o sqrt01.o 
sqrt02.o sqrt03.o sqrt11.o sqrt12.o sqrt13.o sqrt14.o sqrt15.o sqrt16.o 
sqrt17.o srqt01.o srqt02.o srqt03.o srzt01.o srzt02.o sspt01.o ssyt01.o 
stbt02.o stbt03.o stbt05.o stbt06.o stpt01.o stpt02.o stpt03.o stpt05.o 
stpt06.o strt01.o strt02.o strt03.o strt05.o strt06.o stzt01.o stzt02.o \
        ../../tmglib_LINUX.a ../../lapack_LINUX.a ../../blas_LINUX.a  -o 
g77: ../../blas_LINUX.a: No such file or directory
make[2]: *** [../xlintsts] Error 1

Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks!


Alainna C. Wonders
Bloomberg Physics & Astronomy
Johns Hopkins University
Email: alainna@Domain.Removed
Voice: 410.516.4536

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