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[Lapack] A old problem arises again -- symmetric matrix triple product?


Over the years I've repeatedly run into a symmetric matrix modification 
operation that's not captured in the BLAS.  Following Beresford's 
symmetric letter convention, the operation is

    A = A + C^T W C

where A and W are real symmetric (or complex Hermitian) and C is 
rectangular.  This occurs as a rank 2 modification in symmetric 
indefinite factorizations.  You've heard me before on that.  Now I've 
encountered it in a very general form in computational chemistry. Here C 
and W are full rank matrices, of considerably large rank.

Obviously this could be done with one intermediate step, as  A + (C^T M) 
C or  A + C^T (M C). Storing the intermediate product creates a storage 
penalty that's not particularly important at the moment.  The major 
problem is that the only place where BLAS or the PBLAS recognize that a 
matrix-matrix product X*Y is symmetric is when Y = X^T.  (The symmetric 
matrix argument to PDSYMM is X or Y, but the product is general.)  This 
means that we have only PDGEMM available  to do this, which requires 
twice as much work as we really need to do.

Has anyone else ever faced this problem?  Does anyone know of an 
implementation of either

    * the elegant solution (modifying PDSYRK to accept the extra
      symmetric matrix argument and to do the intermediate products on
      the fly), or
    * the inelegant solution, computing the intermediate product as a
      separate matrix and then modifying PDGEMM to avoid the work in one
      or the other triangle?



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