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you can download the reference BLAS from:
if you get LAPACK package, you get a nice Makefile so this is even easier
Just detarre lapack.tgz, put the correct (INSTALL/ 
?) and type 'make blaslib'.

That's for the reference BLAS. It's free.

Now you certainly want to use an optimized BLAS library. (This can runs 
much faster (say 10 times).) Here are some choices:

ACML from AMD (can download something freely for sure, check the licence)

GotoBLAS ("free", check the licence)

ATLAS ("free", check the licence)

All those three optimized BLAS are multithreaded.


On Mon, 17 Apr 2006, Herb G. Riley wrote:

we need to down load BLAS software to load on a AMD Dual Core Cluster .. Is 
there a charge for this software? where can I go to do the download..
Herb Riley
R Associates Inc.
Storage Applications Inc.
10696 Haddington   Suite 130
Houston, Texas 77043
713 973 1500
713 973 8969
281 415 2000 Cell

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