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[Lapack] Two suggestions for the LAPACK FAQ

1. I think it would be extraordinarily helpful if the second question listed 
in the LAPACK FAQ were
"How do I download LAPACK, or LAPACK routines?"
Yes, you are right. It is missing from the FAQ.
I am currently starting to update the FAQ, it will include all the way 
to get LAPACK from Netlib and from the vendors.
It should be online in a couple of days.
Because without that, the rest of the FAQ is worthless.

2.  For a very long time what you call LINPACK was called LINPAK.  (I don't 
even know if it was
ever accurately called LINPACK.)  So you might want to alter the FAQ to 
reflect this.

No, LINPACK has always been called LINPACK. It has been developed by 
Jack Dongarra, Jim Bunch, Cleve Moler and Pete Stewart.
see for more information

Thank you

Julie Langou; Innovative Computing Laboratory; Computer Science Dept;
1122 Volunteer Blvd Suite 353; University of Tennessee; Knoxville TN,
+1-865-974-6324; julie@Domain.Removed

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