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[Lapack] Minor correction Re: Note on some Fortran calling conventions.

As much as possible, I've taken to solving Fortran/C interface problems 
with a level of indirection.  I like to write Fortran and C wrappers that:

  - Return values only by output argument
  - Do not pass strings between languages (int tags are better)
  - Use macros to accomodate different name-mangling conventions
  - Use macros to accomodate different type mappings
  - (Optionally) Allow the C to pass scalar input arguments by value

When I have a high-level description of the interface available, I can 
generate the relevant interface routines automagically, and I don't need 
to worry about making a mistake in the macros.  Otherwise, I'll write 
the wrappers by hand.  Either way, I prefer not to deal with complex 
return arguments on interlanguage calls (which I never could get working 
on HP, if I recall) or with strings of any sort.


Jason Riedy wrote:
And I write:
 -   2) Complex results are returned in an extra argument.
 -           REAL X
 -           BAR = CMPLX(X, -1.0)
 -         END
 - acts like
 -         void bar(float x, float _Complex *out)
 -         { *out = x - 1.0f * _Complex_I; }

I put the out argument on the wrong end; it's first in the
argument list.


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