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[Lapack] Lapack & Blas built in Win32

Dear lapack&blas developers,

I've downloaded your file in order to use it in Win32 - 
MS Visual C++. I met some troubles when linking my code against your 
lapack_win32.lib and blas_win32.lib. Therefore, I built my own lapack and 
blas using last version of Intel Fortran. I have some notes for you:

(1) I changed your makefiles in order I could create DLL versions of blas 
and lapack. Both libraries are ready now. I can offer you the makefile 
codes if you wish.

(2) I met troubles when linking static version of lapack and blas. I 
created lapack.lib and blas.lib. Unfortunately, there were missing fortran 
symbols in those libraries. On the other hand, if I included standard 
fortran libraries into lapack.lib and blas.lib I met many linker 
conflicts. You offer static versions of lapack.lib and blas.lib. Could you 
advice me how you built it?

Yours faithfully

David Svoboda

Centre for Biomedical Image Analysis
Faculty of Informatics, Masaryk University 
Botanick? 68a, 602 00 BRNO, Czech Republic
e-mail: svoboda@Domain.Removed
tel: +420-549 494 383

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