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[Lapack] I need help with LAPACK

under cygwin one way to go is to use directly their precompiled lapack 

if you really want to install LAPACK yourself

1) download lapack from htpp://
    in the directory where you want it 
2) tar xvf lapack
3) gzip -d lapack.tar
4) cd LAPACK
5) mv INSTALL/
6) make blaslib
7) make lib
9) make

you certainly are stucked at 5).
6) create the reference BLAS library named blas_LINUX.a (you can rename it 
as you want)
7) create the LAPACK library named lapack_LINUX.a
8-9) perfom some testings of the two libraries it's optionnal, once 9) is 
finished you can check the .out files that have been created.

On Wed, 10 May 2006, M Fatih Yilmaz wrote:

I trying to set up LAPACK on Windows XP.
I have downloaded Cygwin and I tried set under Cygwin
I have downloaded the Lapack.tgz everything is working
until here but to modify makeinc.txt file my
computer(intel) doesnt accept _sun4solve for the
SHELL = /bin/sh

if you could help me with that I `ll appricate it.

Mehmet Yilmaz

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