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[Lapack] lapack installation question - for Solaris 8 GNU Fortran


if you want to use the gnu g77 compiler, just use the 
from the INSTALL directory.
You need to edit this file to put the correct path of the blas library 
you want to use: in your case atlas.

Hope it helps
Jon Chock wrote:

Hi Lapack Support!

I?m trying to install scipy which requires numpy, lapack, atlas and 
python. I?m building on a Solaris 8 machine that uses GNU everything 
(i.e. gcc, binutils, m4, make, etc.). It looks like the lapack 
installation is for a Solaris 2.x system using SparcWorks compilers 
and I wondered if you have any notes on building it for Solaris 8 with 
GNU applications.




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