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[Lapack] Calling lapack from c code


I'm trying to do some modifications to a program which was written for the Sun 
solaris platform. The coding also uses some calls for lapack. The code works 
fine on Sun machines. I want to port it to intel/Linux. I have installed both 
lapack and clapack. But am not sure how the compiling and linking should be 

The orginal code calls a lapack routine as:



but the clapack calls a routine in a diiferent manner and passes parameters by 

My problem is should i rewrite the code so that the calls to lapack are done in 
the correct manner (the name ending with a _ and with parameter passing by 

Or is there a way that this can be automated by using somekind of fortran-to-c 
interface and using lapack instead of clapack.

Have never used lapack or done cross language work, so any help is greatly 
appreciated, Also is there some refernce available for this type of work? 
Thanks again


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