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[Lapack] installation of lapack on a linux system

Dear Sir
  I need to install lapack on a standard Red Hat Linux system with a fortran 77 
compiler (g77). Could you please guide me where can I find the installation 
instructions for linux ( I have seen the LAPACK working note 41) but there are 
some doubts.
  How should I define the SHELL? How to modify the PLAT definition and the 
compiler options. Actually I dont know unix and do not have a deep knowledge 
about the linux commands either. However, I need to install Lapack for another 
software related to electronic band structure calculations in solid state 
  I would be grateful if you could provide me a simple solution to the 
installation of lapack for a Linux system.
  Kind regards
  Dr. Sonal Mathur
  Research Associate
  Compton profile laboratory
  Department of physics
  M. L. Sukhadia University
  Udaipur, India

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