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[Lapack] installation of lapack on a linux system

On Thu, 2006-07-06 at 05:09 -0700, Sonal Mathur wrote:
Dear Sir
I need to install lapack on a standard Red Hat Linux system with a
fortran 77 compiler (g77). Could you please guide me where can I find
the installation instructions for linux ( I have seen the LAPACK
working note 41) but there are some doubts.
How should I define the SHELL? How to modify the PLAT definition and
the compiler options. Actually I dont know unix and do not have a deep
knowledge about the linux commands either. However, I need to install
Lapack for another software related to electronic band structure
calculations in solid state physics.
I would be grateful if you could provide me a simple solution to the
installation of lapack for a Linux system.
Kind regards
Dr. Sonal Mathur
Research Associate
Compton profile laboratory
Department of physics
M. L. Sukhadia University
Udaipur, India

1) you have to leave SHELL unchanged;
2) PLAT is just a string that is suffixed to the library filename; it
can be used to distinguish many different version of the library
3) you have to set FORTRAN to be the compiler of your choice (g77 in
your case) and usually you want to set LOADER to be the same as FORTRAN;
4) OPTS are the compiler options you want to use;
5) BLASLIB should point to a valid BLAS library in the case where you
want to run the LAPACK testing; the LAPACK testing checks the
correctness of the results generated by LAPACK routines; you can skip
the testing if you want to save time. 

hope it helps.

Alfredo Buttari

Alfredo Buttari PhD,
Innovative Computing Laboratory,
UTK Computer Science Dept. 
1122 Volunteer Blvd. Knoxville, TN 37996 
Tel: 001-865-974-9985

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