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[Lapack] A few routines missing from BLAS reference implementation?

I have recently downloaded and installed LAPACK to be used in the context of a 
Python installation with the NumPy and SciPy extensions. Due to various 
problems with the installation of Python and its extensions I decided to 
compromise on performance and compile everything from source so that I would 
have the best control over how things were compiled to avoid getting bitten by 
issues such as 32-bit vs. 64-bit integers, no-underscores through to double 
underscores on subroutine names, etc. So I compiled and used the BLAS reference 
implementation that is supplied with LAPACK. However when I came to link SciPy 
I discovered there were a few BLAS routines missing, they are:
 - csrot, 
 - drotm, 
 - drotmg, 
 - dsdot, 
 - sdsdot, 
 - srotm, 
 - srotmg, 
 - zdrot
These are available from the BLAS library provided by netlib . Could you add these to the LAPACK BLAS tar-ball, 
please? The Python setup I mentioned is rather popular where I work therefore I 
am sure we'll hit this problem again, so if you could fix it it would surely 
Thank you,
Huub van Dam                  email: h.j.j.vandam@Domain.Removed
CCLRC Daresbury Laboratory    phone: +44-1925-603933
Daresbury, Warrington           fax: +44-1925-603634
Cheshire, UK

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