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[Lapack] CLAPACK and BLAS

Elvira Garcia wrote:
Hello, i am Elvira and i am studing Computer Science.
I have installed CLAPACK and i am using the routines. It is very good,
but i would like to use BLAS routines and i don?t know how to do it.
Is it possible?
Thank you.
Maria Elvira Garcia.
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Since you are using CLAPACK, you obviously program in C.
You should try to use BLAS with C API (CBLAS). If you are
using BLAS from the hardware vendor, check if it comes with
C interface. If it does not, use the C wrappers from Netlib
If you don't have vendor's BLAS, use ATLAS from SourceForge
( or GOTO BLAS ftom TACC
ATLAS comes with C interface, GOTO does not. You can use
CBLAS wrapper from Netlib for GOTO. The reference BLAS,
the one that comes with LAPACK, is your last resort. It's
performance will be very, very poor. But you can use it if
you don't have other options and you can also wrap it with
the CBLAS interface.


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