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[Lapack] Issue with installing LAPACK


you might have messed up with your compilers. You certainly have at least 
two Fortran compilers (g77 and pgf77). You certainly have compiled one 
part of the object using the Portland compiler and what you are trying to 
do now is a link with g77. If this is what you have done, then the error 
message is to be expected. g77 can not find the runtime library of pg by 

So the best is to start over with a nice
        make clean
so that all the .o are generated by the same compiler and the linker is 
the same as well.


On Thu, 26 Oct 2006, Steve Young wrote:


I am attempting to install LAPACK on a Dual Xeon machine running Linux.  I
used the provided file for Linux and modified the makefile to only
install single precision for now.  I used the command "make" to do a
complete installation and testing.  The process seems to go OK up through
the testing section of the Makefile.  The problem seems to occur with the
linking step in LAPACK/TESTING/LIN.  I get a whole long list of "undefined
reference" errors and the executable xlintsts  (which I believe is the
single precision executable) is not created.  It seems that xlintsts depends
on the 3 libraries that are created first:  tmglib_LINUX.a lapack_LINUX.a
and blas_LINUX.a  From what I can see, those libraries are created without
any errors.  I am attaching copies of the Makefile, and the output
of the make process.

I would appreciate any help you can give or a referral to someone else who
can help.  Thank you.


Steve Young

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