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Hello David,

yep, we have investigated this. A student LAPACK developer, Remi Delmas, 
has built last Spring a script to generate automatically a matlab wrapper 
for all LAPACK subroutines. That's really cool. The generated interface 
are 'raw' but with a bit a practice, you'll be able to quickly write a 
second interface to this wrapper to perform the syntax you want, see the 
examples. ('syev' and 'gels').

The project is not in the LAPACK source code. This is still a beta work 
but several people have already used it successfully. The webpage is at:

Send email directly to Remi and I if you want more support on the matter.

Best wishes,

On Mon, 6 Nov 2006, David Gleich wrote:

Is there a Matlab wrapper to call lapack functions?

Something like?

info = lapack('dgtsv', size(A,1), 1, diag(A,-1), diag(A), diag(A,1),
b, size(b,1));

I realize that Matlab is using Lapack underneath... but it would be
real nice to directly call some of the Lapack functions directly
instead of trying to contort Matlab to do what I want.  (In this
case, solve a tridiagonal system; in other cases, reduce a matrix to
a standard form...)

David Gleich

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