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[Lapack] Calling clapack


 I'm trying to do some modifications to a program which was written for the Sun 
solaris platform. The coding also uses some calls for lapack. 
 The code works fine on Sun machines. I want to port it to intel/Linux. I have 
installed clapack. But am not sure how the exact calls should be done.

The orginal code calls a lapack routine as:


but the clapack calls a routine in a diiferent manner and passes parameters by 

So I do the clapack calls as

dgels_(&lapack_type, &data.n_ind, &data.n_col, &ny, &data.xwork, &data.n_ind, 
&data.ywork, &data.n_ind, work, work_size, flag);

The code compiles ok, but gives a segmentation error or the code just gets 
stuck depending on the 'work_size'. The man pages for dgels specifies that if u 
call dgels with work_size =-1; that it will return the proper work_size to be 
used. Even when this is used to make the actual call the system gives a 
segmentation error. 

Also since fortran and C store arrays in different order, should i change the 
data.xwork and data.ywork matrices now when using clapack from the earlier 
sun's version of lapack? 

Any help in this regard is appreciated,


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