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[Lapack] .NET Framework / LAPACK related question

Dear Sirs, 
    I work as a software developer at the computational department of the 
Financial Company "Compagnie Benjamin de Rothschild" at Geneva, Switzerland.
I am currently developing several financial mathematical routines that involve 
some matrix calculations, and thus would I like to know if the BLAS and LAPACK 
library suites are available for the .NET Framework, preferably as a reliable 
open-source project written in C#.
If you possibly know about the existence of such a software suite, would you be 
kind enough to send me some information and/or related web links.
Thank you in advance for your answer
               Jos? Ch. Bernardo
Jos? Christian Bernardo
La Compagnie Benjamin de Rothschild S.A.
29, route de Pr?-Bois
P.O. Box 490
CH-1215 Geneva 15

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