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[Lapack] Regarding clapack 3.1

Dear mighty developers of LAPACK and CLAPACK,

In the past year I started to use CLAPACK and was flabbergasted by its 
power.  At the current time I try to implement openmp directives in my 
code to parallelise some procedures and found out that at the usage of 
some CLAPACK functions created severe memory problems.  These got solved 
when stating the CLAPACK functions as critical, so that they ran one at 
a time.

Although the critical pragma directive is a solution, it is not 
preferred.  Simultaneous runs of CLAPACK functions would give me the 
best result.

Lately I read that LAPACK 3.1 was released and that it got threadsafe 
implementations into it.  Therefore I assume that CLAPACK 3.0 is not 
threadsafe and is the cause of the above mentioned problem.  Is this 
correct?  If so, are there plans to create CLAPACK 3.1, or are there 
other solutions to my problem.

With kind regards,

Klaas Vantournhout

"Several billion trillion tons of superhot
exploding hydrogen nuclei rose slowly above
the horizon and managed to look small, cold
and slightly damp."
        Douglas Adams - The Hitch Hickers
                Guide to the Galaxy

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