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[Lapack] compilation of lapack with gnu gfortran

I recently compiled lapack 3.1.0 with
gnu gfortran version 4.3
A small patch was necessary:
in the INSTALL directory, the function ETIME is declared EXTERNAL
in second.f and dsecnd.f. This causes a linking error
(etime_ not linked)
Deleting the EXTERNAL declaration solves the problem (ETIME is an
intrinsic function of gfortran 4.3)

There is another problem, but it is a gcc bug, not a lapack bug:
in TESTING/EIG, sget33.f and dget33.f must be compiled with
optimisation at level -O1, the optimiser has a bug with -O2.
The bug is known and the gcc-gfortran developpers are working on the

Thanks for this huge work
Jean-Pierre Vial

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