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[Lapack] how do I install LAPACK under Windows?


I'm trying to install Lapack on a Windows XP machine, I have no 
expirience on Unix machines, so I have aboslutely
no idea how to install such packages.
I read the FAQs and hundreds of forurms about installation for windows, 
maybe it is me to be unable to understand,
but I think that is not possible to explain qualitatively how to 
install. It would be necessary a step by step recipe but I
can find only senceces like "For installation, LAPACK needs to find 
/bin/sh, so you should (assuming youdon't already have this directory 
made): mkdir -p /bin", but WHERE made this direcotry? I am perfecly 
aware that Unix is better, but such way of behave of the Unix/Linux 
society does not make easy approaching by newbies like me.
My suggestion for the point "How do I install LAPACK  under Windows" is 
to figure to start since the beginning and bring step by step the user 
to install all the necessary for use correctly LAPACK. Otherwise Windows 
will always win lazy users like me that do not have time for spending 
hours on Unix/Linux handbooks.
Thank you for you attention,** sincerely

Giuseppe P.

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