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[Lapack] Updating CLAPACK

Hello, Piotr

we're currently working on an update for CLAPACK. It is unlikely to be
based on the old scripts.

Actually, I translated the new fortran sources into C, but without using of
"run_macro" scripts - now it's enough for me. Testing results of the new
library is the same as for the original LAPACK 3.1.1... only one bad issue:
LAPACK 3.1.1 doesn't pass some tests on my system:  MinGW g77 3.2.3
, Cygwin g77 3.4.4
    [scdz]gd.out, [csd]sep.out, csvd.out  (csvd.out doesn't contain
failed tests when LAPACK is
compiled with Cygwin)
E.g.  dgd.out
Matrix order=   15, type=17, send=529,3615,1764,1221, result 5 is 4.504E+15
Matrix order=   20, type=24, send=2871,2618,1987,2949, result 5 is 4.504E+15
DGV drivers:    5 out of 1092 tests failed to pass the threshold

This is my log of translation:

1) lenscrub.l - incorrectly processes constructions as the following
    if (s_cmp(  ...  )) {
     FUNC( ... , 1L, 2L)  - the llast parameters won't be removed
it's because token {iofun} eats more than it's needed!

2) xerbla.c, lasamen.c, slamch.c, dlamch.c - directly copied from CLAPACK
3.0 and dsecnd.c, second.c, f2c.h, F2CLIB - from Windows version of CLAPACK

3) TESTING/MATGEN/zlatm6.f, BLAS/SRC/zdrotg.f

4) blaswr.c, blaswrap.h - added new functions: crotg, zrotg, csrot, zdrot
cblas.h - updated from ATLAS library

5) updated file lists in
BLAS/SRC/Makefile, SRC/Makefile, TESTING/*/Makefile

6) TIMING/ directory was removed from LAPACK, so I copied it from CLAPACK

BR, EvgenyBF
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