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[Lapack] CLAPACK 3.0 vor MS Visual Studio 2005

Hi --

A few years ago I submitted some CLAPACK 3.0 kits for Microsoft Visual C++ 6. I
have just completed upgrading to Visual C++ 8 (Visual Studio .NET 2005). I am
unable to provide source and project files this time (workload constraints), but
I could provide a complete binary-only release clapack.lib that includes cblas,
libf77, libi77, and clapack. It has been built, and all regression tests have
been passed. This would be all that someone writing tools in VC++8 would need. I
would be OK with providing a complete source/development tree on a CD-ROM for
anyone who would like it.

Is this interesting? If so, I will submit it.

  -- Bob Denny

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