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[Lapack] CLAPACK 3.0 vor MS Visual Studio 2005


we're working on an update of CLAPACK that will correspond to LAPACK
3.1.1. It will have a different interface than the old CLAPACK.

But of course your contribution is welcome for the currently available
version of CLAPACK.


Piotr Luszczek

Bob Denny wrote, On 03/20/2007 07:45 PM:
Hi --

A few years ago I submitted some CLAPACK 3.0 kits for Microsoft Visual C++ 6. 
have just completed upgrading to Visual C++ 8 (Visual Studio .NET 2005). I am
unable to provide source and project files this time (workload constraints), 
I could provide a complete binary-only release clapack.lib that includes 
libf77, libi77, and clapack. It has been built, and all regression tests have
been passed. This would be all that someone writing tools in VC++8 would 
need. I
would be OK with providing a complete source/development tree on a CD-ROM for
anyone who would like it.

Is this interesting? If so, I will submit it.

  -- Bob Denny

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