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[Lapack] Question about routine DSYGV

Hi I am using the Lapack routine DSYGV and I have some questions about its 
I use DSYGV in a C program in which I want to compute the eigenvalues and the 
eigenvectors of two real symmetric matrices AT and BT:the function is

dsygv_(& ITYPE, &JOBZ, &UPLO, &N, AT, &LDA, BT, &LDB, eval, WORK, 

The parameters I set are

  ITYPE=1; /*the problem is  AT*x=lambda*BT*x  */
   JOBZ= 'V'; /*I want eigenvalues AND eigenvectors*/
   UPLO= 'U'; 
   N= 2; 
   LDA= 2; 
   LDB= 2;
   LWORK= 8;

How can I read the matrix Z of eigenvectors, that is contained in the matrix 
AT, and visualize it in the output of the program?
The matrix AT is overwritten by Z?

Thanks for your support,
Alessandra Bonardi.

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