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Thank you very much for your remarks.
This should be fixed in the next release (the correction is  
already in our version management system)
On Jun 25, 2007, at 6:54 AM, Christian Keil wrote:


I just tried to compile 
lite-3.1.1.tgz on my machine and failed because of a trailing space  
in the line to set the TIMER variable. I used the  
setting for gfortran, and the trailing space results in make  
searching for prerequisites `second_INT_ETIME', `.o', and  
`secondtst.o' when compiling `testsecond' in INSTALL/Makefile. This  
way make selects its own implicit rule for `second_INT_ETIME'  
instead of the supplied one for `.f.o'. Removing the trailing space  
in resolves the problem.

Christian Keil

PS: Just a minor issue regarding the documentation, http:// mentions that the default  
setting in is to use the BLAS contained in lapack and the  
file has to be changed to use a local version of BLAS. In the  
provided, however, the default is to not build the  
contained BLAS but use a local version.

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