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H_u.g_e N'e w*s To Im_pact C.Y,T,V 

Ch+ina Yo'uTV C_o-r*p . 

S'ymbol: C-Y-T.V 

We h a'v+e al'ready s e-e-n CY,TV's marke t i*mpact befo*re climb_'ing to o.v.e 
r $'2.00 w-i't-h n.e.w_s*. 

Pre+ss Release_: 
Chin-a Y,ouTV's Cn.Boo W_e_b S i t'e Ran.ks N*o ..1 on Mi+cr-osoft L'i*v e 
Sea-rch En+gine 
Cn*Boo Traffi.c I n_creases 4.9-% O+v.e_r T*w-o M,onths 

R*e-a_d t'h.e new_s, t hink abo ut t h+e im'pact, and

j,u'm.p on t_h'i,s f_irst th_ing Tomor'ro w mor-,ning!  $0,.42 is a g_i-f,t at 
t h+i-s p rice_..... 

Do y*o.u.r h_omew.ork a n+d w atch t h+i s t*rade Mond-ay morn,ing. 

T h*e p e_n styl_e c.a'n be solid*, dashe*d, dotte*d, a combin*a tion of 
d+o.t*s a'n_d dashes_, or n.u.l+l+. 

The-se mean s, as fret.s u.p o+n an instru'men-t, Sha'll t'u,n,e o u*r 
h_eart-strin-gs to t.r_u+e lang-uishme-nt. 

Inst. ance of t*h e A.V.I m_ult*iplexer filt_er w'a,s succ,es_sfully created_. 
W-h_e-n t-h_e de+compres,sor en,c.ounters t_h'e c+o-d-e sequ*en.ce 2*5 6 
(d+ecim'al) fol,l+owed by 1, it sh*ould in_cr*ease t_h-e c+o.d e s-i'z'e 
r-e.a+d f_r-o+m t.h'e inpu-t stre-am to t+h+e n*e,x.t b.i+t s'i'z+e'. 

F_r+o,m a Fre ch prom.o CD give.n a,w+a-y w i*t-h Henr*y's Drea+m. 

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