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[Lapack] LAPACK & BLAS

I'm having trouble installing lapack & blas & making it work on my dual 
P4 processor LINUX WS.  I just want to learn how to use the dual 
processors on the one machine for the time being & all I'm doing is 
solving a large complex system of eqs.   Everything seems to build OK.  
For example, I can untar BLAS & LAPACK, & successfully build & test 
blas_LINUX.a, then copy it into the top lapack directory (lapack-3.1.1) 
& successfully build & test lapack_LINUX.a.  However, when I build (with 
g77) my fortran application containing a call to lapack's cgesv, the 
linker cannot find cgesv_, no matter what lib directives I use or the 
order I give them in the Makefile.    Also, do I need to buy a 3rd party 
OMP package like Portland Group because g77 can never see the OPM 
directives in the fortran comments if I want to parallelize my own 
code?  Are both problems related?

  -- Vaughn

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