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[Lapack] LAPACK Installation on Windows XP with cygwin.

Dear Sir/Madame,
You're reading from Juliao J. Cumbane. I'm seeking support on LAPACK.
I've downloaded and need to install LAPACK on my system, to enable runs the
SCIANTRAN radiative transfer and retrieval system. My PC is a FUJITSU
SIEMENS with a Centrino Mobile Technology Intel Processor running on Windows
XP. LAPACK installation instructions only refer to UNIX systems. I've
installed cygwin to emulate a linux environment on my system. However, I'm
not sure how to install and work with LAPACK in this system. Do the
instructions provided for installing LAPACK on UNIX systems apply to this 
case? What special steps must I take before installing LAPACK on a system
like mine?
I thank you in advance for your kind support.
Juliao J. Cumbane
Department of Physics
Eduardo Mondlane University
PO Box 257
Email: cumbane@Domain.Removed
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