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[Lapack] Race condition in *LAMCH causes infinite loop in *LASCL in LAPA

Dear Jeremy,

Many thanks for your input.  We are aware that xLAMCH is not thread 
safe, although we did try to improve its chances of not meeting a race 
condition.  Your example is interesting and is the first time I can 
recall that xLAMCH has actually failed.  Here is what is said about 
thread safety at:

for LAPACK version 3.1:

"All the LAPACK routines are now thread safe except {s,d}LAMCH and the
triplet {c,d,s,z}lacon.f, {d,s}lasq3.f and {d,s}lasq4.f. By thread safe,
we mean that your LAPACK library will be thread safe provided that your
compiler is. Regarding the 10 routines still containing DATA or SAVE
   {s,d}LAMCH can be manually replaced by thread-safe routines (e.g. using
   {c,d,s,z}lacon.f, {d,s}lasq3.f and {d,s}lasq4.f are left in LAPACK for
   backward compatibility, they are flagged as deprecated, and represent
   dead codes in this current release (v3.1)."

I would suggest that you replace your 'vanilla' version of DLAMCH with a 
version that explicitly returns the required constants.  If you do a

make lapack_install

in the top level lapack directory and then run the testdlamch executable 
in the INSTALL directory, you can then see the relevant constants.  On 
my IEEE 32 bit Pentium M laptop I get:

   Epsilon                      =    1.1102230246251565E-16
   Safe minimum                 =   2.2250738585072014E-308
   Base                         =    2.0000000000000000
   Precision                    =    2.2204460492503131E-16
   Number of digits in mantissa =   53.0000000000000000
   Rounding mode                =    1.0000000000000000
   Minimum exponent             =   -1.0210000000000000E+03
   Underflow threshold          =   2.2250738585072014E-308
   Largest exponent             =    1.0240000000000000E+03
   Overflow threshold           =   1.7976931348623157E+308
   Reciprocal of safe minimum   =   4.4942328371557898E+307

Again, many thanks for giving us such useful information.

With best wishes,

Sven Hammarling.

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