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Can someone please answer a clapack question?


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Subject: phd student
Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2007 03:04:14 +0100 (BST)
From: ghadir <ghadira@Domain.Removed>
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Dear Dr. Li

 I am phd student of physics and want to use the clapack library. I have
installed it on my computer as following
1- tar -xvzf clapack.tar
But there is not any Translate folder in CLAPACK.
 at CLAPACK folder
3- make f2clib
4- make cblaswrap
5- cd SRC; make
6- make TESTING/MATGEN/; make
7- make TESTING/; make

Now I want to obtain eigenvalue and eigenvector
a matrix that is complex,nonsymmetric and nonhermitian.
unfortcpunately I can not how to use and to compile the clapack library.
I would like to appreciate you for your help and guidance.

I compile it by the below command:
g++ -c "" -o "clapacktest.o"
Is ok this command for compiling?

Best regard,

Ghadir Mohammadkhani
Institute for Advanced Studies in Basic sciences
P. O. Box 45195-1159
Physics Department
Zanjan 45195
Phone:  +98(241)415-2203
Fax  :  +98(241)415-2104
Email:  ghaira@Domain.Removed

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