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[Lapack] build clapack with atlas


I am trying to build clapack with atlas version optimized blas for use  
in my masters thesis at CSM.  I am not able to build the blas  
libraries because of a linking error.  it says that it cannot find  
-lcblas and -latlas.  i've looking in both the atlas and lapack forums  
and errata files and used the fixes i've found for my os (macOSX10.4  
G4), such as not using the -funloops option and setting CFLAGS with  
-no-cpp-precomp.  i've set BLASLIB in the top level make file to the  

= ../../libcblaswr.a -L$(HOME)/ATLAS/lib/OSX_UNKNOWNAltiVec/ -lcblas -latlas

and i have succesfully completed the first few steps of the build,  
make f2clib, make cblaswrap,...

below is the actual error output for my situation.  thanks for your help.

wl-dhcp140-61:~/CLAPACK ryanokuinghttons$ make blaslib
( cd BLAS/SRC; make )
ar cr ../../libcblaswr.a -L OME/ATLAS/lib/OSX_UNKNOWNAltiVec/ -lcblas  
-latlas isamax.o sasum.o saxpy.o scopy.o sdot.o snrm2.o srot.o srotg.o  
sscal.o sswap.o lsame.o xerbla.o \
sgemv.o sgbmv.o ssymv.o ssbmv.o sspmv.o strmv.o stbmv.o stpmv.o  
strsv.o stbsv.o stpsv.o sger.o ssyr.o sspr.o ssyr2.o sspr2.o sgemm.o  
ssymm.o ssyrk.o ssyr2k.o strmm.o strsm.o
ar: -L: No such file or directory
ar: OME/ATLAS/lib/OSX_UNKNOWNAltiVec/: No such file or directory
ar: -lcblas: No such file or directory
ar: -latlas: No such file or directory
make[1]: *** [single] Error 1
make: *** [blaslib] Error 2
Ryan O'Kuinghttons

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