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[Lapack] CLAPACK 3.1.1?

Dear Sirs,

do you have any plans to convert LAPACK 3.1.1 into C (i.e., to create
CLAPACK 3.1.1)?  The reason I'm asking is that the thread-safety of
LAPACK 3.1.1 is very attractive for us.  However, we do development
in several environments where no Fortran compiler is available.

If there are no plans for CLAPACK 3.1.1, where can I find the latest
version of the directory Translate that is referenced in CLAPACK's
readme.maintain?  It's not present in clapack.tgz and the version
that is present in clapack2.tgz doesn't work as expected with any
recent version of f2c (starting with versions from about 2000).

Any information will be much appreciated!

Best regards, Carsten Steger

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