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[Lapack] lapack -- bug in Makefile


The version of lapack currently available for download as contains a bug in the BLAS source 
code which has been fixed in the currently available version of BLAS 

From lapack-3.1.1/BLAS/SRC/Makefile:

ALLOBJ=$(SBLAS1) $(SBLAS2) $(SBLAS3) $(DBLAS1) $(DBLAS2) $(DBLAS3)   \          
   $(CBLAS1) $(CB1AUX) $(CBLAS2) $(CBLAS3) $(ZBLAS1) $(ZB1AUX) \                
   $(ZBLAS2) $(ZBLAS3) $(ALLBLAS)                                               

$(CB1AUX) and $(ZB1AUX) have been removed from this list because they cause .o 
files to be listed redundantly in the resulting archive, which then makes it 
less convenient to create shared objects based on the archive.  It would be 
nice if this fix could be propagated into the BLAS Makefile that is embedded in 

Also, dsdot.o is missing from the definition of DBLAS1.  Is that intentional?

Nathan Coulter

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