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[Lapack] lapack -- bug in Makefile

We noticed that problem not long time ago. This is why I updated the BLAS
on netlib.
As the bug is considered minor to us (it does not affect the quality of
the library and most of the build are successful) and as we are planning a
release for LAPACK soon, we were expecting to fix that problem at that
I hope you did not lose too much of your time on this.
Thank you very much for your report.
Do not hesitate to send any other issues you may have with our library. It
will be a pleasure to assist you.
Julie Langou

The version of lapack currently available for download as contains a bug in the BLAS
source code which has been fixed in the currently available version of

From lapack-3.1.1/BLAS/SRC/Makefile:

   $(CBLAS1) $(CB1AUX) $(CBLAS2) $(CBLAS3) $(ZBLAS1) $(ZB1AUX) \

$(CB1AUX) and $(ZB1AUX) have been removed from this list because they
cause .o files to be listed redundantly in the resulting archive, which
then makes it less convenient to create shared objects based on the
archive.  It would be nice if this fix could be propagated into the BLAS
Makefile that is embedded in lapack.

Also, dsdot.o is missing from the definition of DBLAS1.  Is that

Nathan Coulter
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