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On Sun, 2007-10-07 at 12:43 -0400, abatra3@Domain.Removed wrote:

I would highly appreciate if you can guide me with the following

1. Can LAPACK be used with openmp?
2. Is there an existing LAPACK distribution that can be ported on open
mp? If
so, can  you please share the links with me.
3. If not, then do you have any idea of any software package that uses
open mp
to implement linear algebraic operations.

thanking you
arvind batra 

there is a broad set of answers that can be given to your questions.

The reference version of LAPACK (the one you can get on is not parallelized and, thus, it is not
openmp multithreaded. Obviously you can do the openmp parallelization
yourself but it's a lot of work. There's a couple of easy things that
you can do:
1) run the reference LAPACK linked to a multithreaded BLAS library. This
works decent when the number of threads is not too high
2) use a multithreaded LAPACK. some vendors provide multithreaded
versions of LAPACK. For example MKL (by intel) contains openmp parallel
versions of all (?) LAPACK routines and they run very fast. ACML from
AMd is another option. GotoBLAS contains only LU and Cholesky


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