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[Lapack] Generalized eigenvalue problem: what if B is not upper triangul

On Thu, 01 Nov 2007 06:02:28 -0700 James Demmel wrote:

Please use one of the driver routines cggev (for eigenvectors)
or cgges (just for the generalized Schur form). There are
also "expert" versions of these routines (cggevx and cggesx)
that compute condition numbers (useful for error bounds).

Oh silly me!
Next time I need to solve a complete "canonical" problem, I'd better
search for driver routines, rather than for lower level computational
Doh!  ;-)

The driver routine cggev works like a charm for me!
Many thanks to James Demmel, to Robert Granat and to Alfredo Buttari for
your quick and helpful replies.

Have a nice day and thanks again.

 "Water, taken in moderation cannot hurt anybody."  -- Mark Twain
 Francesco Poli, PhD
 "Sergio Stecco" Dept. of Energy Engineering, Florence, Italy

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