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[Lapack] Hi (about dgesdd of LAPACK)


      I have solved the problem by using new version of clapack, thanks.

     but I have another question, since I am still a beginner to lapack and
blas, could you please tell me what is the difference between these two math
libraries? and there is now also a lapack++, is it just a c++ alternative of
the traditional lapack?

     many thanks.


On Nov 14, 2007 3:43 PM, Wei Li <wei.lee04@Domain.Removed> wrote:

Dear author of LAPACK:

       I have downloaded the powerful math library LAPACK -lapack_win32,
but when using dgesdd for SVD matrix decomposition, there is a link error in
my program as follows:

       unresolved external symbol "void __cdecl Lapack::dgesdd(char *,long
*,long *,double *,long *,double *,double *,long *,double *,long *,double
*,long *,long *,long *)

       btw: i am under win32 platform and now using vs 2005:)

       could you please help to fix this problem?

       many thanks.


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