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[Lapack] Bugfix for inclusion in upstream version

Hi Sven,

I promise you that we do appreciate your bug report and it will, I am 
sure, be investigated.


Please realise that most of us do this on a voluntary basis and cannot 
always reply quickly, that does NOT mean that we are not interested. 

I know the situation, and I was not expecting something like an immediate
investigation and bugfix or something like that.

But imagine yourself in the position where you simply don't hear back
anything at all. This can mean all sorts of things, and most of the likely
causes are, well, disconcerting.
  I see two ways this could be improved. One is to make sure somebody who
reports a bug (or makes a pre-bug-report request like I did) gets a reply
quickly, even if it is just a canned ``We appreciate your bug report, but
unfortunately it may take a month or two before we can analyze the
  A better alternative is of course a bug tracker like Trac or Bugzilla.
Sure, this requires some setup, but after that the handling of bug reports
becomes self-organized.

Anyway, I really appreciate the excellent work that has gone into lapack
and I know that maintaining a library of that size requires substantial
resources and commitment.
I thank you and the other maintainers very much for doing this work.

W o l f g a n g

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